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About Us

Gryphon Air is a new Air cargo transportation company offering a range of logistical services tailored to your business needs. Our goal is to make air transportation more accessible and flexible by applying modern and sustainable approaches to project management.


We are based in Georgia—a country whose strategic location in the Caucasus enables us to link Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa—and we aim to become one of the largest providers of air freight services in the region. By meeting the highest standards of service, we make sure that our partners are able to deliver their cargo to a wide range of destinations on time, safely and securely.

The name ‘Gryphon Air’ was inspired by the mythical creature that unites the celestial divinity that is the eagle with the terrestrial one, the lion. As a symbol of both intellect and strength, the gryphon best reflects our vision of a company that is equally strong in flight, in intelligent project management and in the provision of high-class services to our clients.


Charter flights are the most flexible and effective means of rapidly delivering cargo, and at Gryphon Air we have both the experience and the resources necessary to accomplish the most complex logistical tasks within the tightest deadlines.

ACMI (or “wet” leasing) service, Gryphon Air can provide the aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance that your airline needs to deliver cargo. ACMI is often the ideal solution for the rapid and effective development of your business.

We can also operate flights for other companies. Gryphon Air has long-term contracts with a number of logistics companies according to flexible co-operation terms that meet their specific needs.

Charter flights

Our Fleet

Boeing 737-300F is a Twin-engined short to medium range narrow-body freighter that can carry up to 15,900 kg of freight in a hold with a volume of 123.24 cubic meters. This aircraft is ideal for short to medium range freight charters.

Key details


Up to 15,900 kg

Pallet size 8 pallets: 88" x 125" x 80" or 88" x 108" x 80"
1 pallet: 62" x 60" x 64" or 88" x 53" x 64"
Main Cargo Door size 223 x 354.33 cm / 88" x 139.5"
Lower Forward Cargo Door size 89.9 x 121.92 cm / 35" x 48"
Lower Aft Cargo Door size 83.82 x 121.92 cm / 33" x 48"